Based in Downtown Brooklyn, Forza Abstract has grown steadily in response to the escalating New York City and Long Island real estate market. But rising property sales account for only part of our success.

We understand from experience that the attorneys, bankers and real estate brokers we work with want a closing process that is smooth, timely and thorough, with no unwarranted delays or “surprises” that will cause adjournments due to title issues.


Forza Abstract Professionalism, Service & Intergity

We also know that it’s good business to be responsive to our clients’ needs and to treat them the way we would want to be treated.

What is Forza?

“Forza” is Italian for strength. It is also a term used to show support and encouragement, as in the phrase “Forza Italia!” Forza is actually the perfect name for our company as it encompasses both the strength of our experience and attention to detail, as well as the support of our exceptional customer service.